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We are proud to announce…

We are proud to announce…

April 9, 2015

Our CEO, Phil Hodgkinson, former founder of Compass Costs Consultants Ltd, has set up a new business, Pure Legal Costs Consultants.

Pure Legal Costs Consultants, which launched on the 1st April 2015, is a cutting-edge legal services business, which will provide a huge array of services to the legal industry as a whole, both directly and through its many business partners and affiliates. The main focus will be on bill drafting, costs negotiation and litigation, however there is much more on offer, as Phil explains.

“Pure Legal Costs Consultants is a cost drafting and recovery firm, but that is only part of the jigsaw. We have created a business that operates in an innovative way, working within and for the legal market, developing synergies with our many business partners. These are very exciting developments that will change the way this sector operates,”

“There will be acquisitions along the way, and we are already working on a number of large and innovative joint ventures. In fact, within the next few months we’ll be making announcements about these and a number of large long-term contracts. The make-up of the business will change as we progress, with the likely result being progression to an ABS.

I believe that we are now at a point in the Personal Injury sector where an element of greed has taken over. Providers of work are earning more than solicitors who service their customers, whereas if the providers were prepared to share the commercial benefits whilst still earning similar profits, just over a longer gestation period, then the marketing becomes stronger and benefits everybody. If these changes are not introduced sooner rather than later then the market will simply wither and die in its already massively altered form.

There is an opportunity for claimant firms to dictate and propose the future changes by coming together as one and working as a team, driving innovation and credibility.

In the run up to launching, we had discussions with a number of our new affiliates and business partners. I asked if the providers would like to continue taking a large piece of a small pie, which has almost reached its sell-by date, or a smaller piece of a larger pie that’s here to stay for years to come. In the main, the answer was the latter and those are the business partners who will become involved in the Pure concept”.

It is this drive to innovate, combined with a wealth of experience and detailed knowledge, that will make Pure a force for change. We have a dedicated team of costs lawyers, associates, costs negotiators and advocates and we can boast that we have an impressive array of talent and expertise, unrivalled in the market place. Our team will be central to Pure’s success.

We will be introducing a number of initiatives into the market place in the coming months and years, designed to provide law firms with high quality work, but where the commercial benefits previously retained by suppliers are shared by way of discounted marketing fees, ensuring that this market can once again return to profitability across the board for all law firms, despite the recent and ongoing changes, along with other innovative solutions as a whole.

“We will be operating in the legal market place, offering services at cost-effective prices, but this won’t be a service based on personal greed. I’ve just spent two years working in a Plc and I’ve never seen personal greed like it,” Phil said.

“Pure is something completely different; it’s about sharing the success. In fact, we have in place a bonus structure that will give back to the staff every month we’re in profit. This won’t just be the fee-earning staff, but everyone, without exception.

The team at Pure intend to change the way that business is conducted in the legal market place, we are aiming for Pure innovation. We want all of our clients to feel like they are part of our team and that we are part of theirs.

If you have any questions or want to work with us please contact Phil Hodgkinson, on 01514 490005.

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