Did you know… Even when you are fully comprehensively insured and have a non-fault accident, your insurer can still increase your premium if you register a claim through them, even where your no claims bonus is protected.

Law Firms

Law Firms

Here at PURE Legal we believe that the UK Personal Injury market is in desperate need of change, as is the General Consumer legal market.

The British public have had enough of cold calls, marketing texts and spam e-mails, it is time to give them a legal service they deserve, and that we can again be proud of.

Over the last 20 years, greed has come to the fore, and the reality is, that work providers receive more income than the Law Firms themselves, in essence this imbalance means that the UK Legal Market is de-skilling itself, with a growing inability to recruit quality talent into Law Firms and a reluctance to invest in training, as margins continue to suffer.

Here at PURE Legal we want to turn the market on its head, and our goal is to have a system where the quality of work we provide to our clients is the number one priority, a natural by-product of a high quality service is increased profitability.

PURE Legal will be providing high quality work into a panel of law firms at a fraction of the cost which the market currently sustains, our work will also be fully funded across the board, using an innovative scheme we have developed, thus improving both profit and cash flow.

Our Panel will be chosen using strict criteria, in particular, we are only looking for Law Firms who place the quality of service and customer care direct to the consumer, as their number one priority.

We are only interested in Law Firms who have experienced and high quality staff, and who have a thorough and implemented training policy, to ensure that our clients are receiving only the best possible quality and service in the market.

PURE Legal will be formally launching this groundbreaking scheme in the coming months to compliment our existing business structure.

If your firm puts the customer first above commercial greed, then we are interested in talking to you about joining the PURE Legal panel.

Our existing PURE Legal Costs Consultants Panel will be the first to be invited to join, following which we will consider applications, should there be sufficient space available.

The UK Legal market is ready for a change, PURE Legal is that change, be part of a business that puts the consumer first, help us to make that change.