Did you know… Even when you are fully comprehensively insured and have a non-fault accident, your insurer can still increase your premium if you register a claim through them, even where your no claims bonus is protected.



We have listed below some questions that we are frequently asked by clients at the start of the claims process. We always attempt to provide straight forward answers to questions in order that you are fully engaged in the claims process.

Do I have a claim?
You have a claim if the accident you were involved in was either the fault of, or partially caused by another person. This could be your employer, the owner of a shop, a landowner, the driver of a car, or a medical practitioner. We will discuss the circumstances of your case with you and advise whether we consider you have a potential claim.

Can I claim against my employer?
If you have been involved in an accident at work, people can often be concerned about making a claim against their employer as they believe it will have a detrimental impact on their employment. Please don’t worry about this as any claim must be dealt with in confidence by your employer and they cannot use this in any decisions they make about your employment.

How long will the claim take?
All cases are different. Clients want their case to be dealt with quickly and although we will do our best to ensure cases are resolved as quickly as possible the length of time will depend on your recovery from any injuries sustained and whether liability is admitted by the at fault party. We will always provide you with updates on where the case is in the process and on any significant developments.

How much will it cost?
We offer all our clients a ‘no win no fee’ agreement for all cases we take on. This means exactly that, if your case isn’t successful, you pay nothing.

How much money will I get?
It is not possible to assess the amount of compensation a client will receive until we have received expert medical evidence on the injuries sustained and collated a full list of all losses resulting from the accident. Please rest assured that we will always fight to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation available, specific to their own individual circumstances.

Will I have to fill out much paperwork? 

Yes there is a little bit but your personal legal advisor will handle the majority. We will ask you to check and authorise all paperwork that we fill out on your behalf as getting the right details about your case will help us achieve the quickest and best outcome for you.

Will I have to have a medical? 

Yes, having a independent medical is standard procedure when making a personal injury claim. It will help us see how well you are recovering and determine whether you need any immediate medical help as well as being paramount for getting a true valuation for your injuries. We will ensure that the medical appointment is made in an area local to you and we will try to accommodate you as best as possible.

I have had a road traffic accident, can you help with my vehicle damage?

Yes. We can arrange for one of our approved repairers and hire companies to contact you to deal with your vehicle and provide you with a hire car. We can do this on the same day meaning that you will be without a vehicle for little or no time at all after the accident.

I did not go to the doctors or hospital with my injuries, can I still claim? 

Yes, you can still pursue a claim even if you have fully recovered from your injuries although we do recommend that you seek medical advice from your GP as soon as possible, should you still be suffering symptoms as a result of the injuries sustained.

Do I need to live in the Prescot or York area to use PURE Legal’s services? 

No, our clients are based all over the country. We are here to help no matter what your location in the UK.